Surkov Sergey and Melnicka Agnieshka: Rumba Performance

“Je suis malad” 

This dance has everything in it: the story, the movement- how clear and distinct each is from one to the other- and finally, the costumes that show the emotions of love, and the downfalls, which is the main idea of this routine: love as a downfall.


The story is of a heart-broken woman, torn apart because of her lover and the way she feels about him. Something is wrong: his health, the way he treats her, the status of the relationship. Whatever the problem is, the woman can no longer handle her emotions and is breaking away, slowly.


Each movement Agnieshka performs, she has emotions that express better what exactly the character feels, and why: what specific movements are present for each second. Throughout the routine you will see Agnieshka jerk her head down, hands covering her face, and teeth showing. Facial expressions indicate that this is stress or hatred. When angry or mad, women will always show their teeth with disgust in order to show dominance. In this routine she adds drama to the scene because the character is confused and has exposed her heart to someone who is about to throw her gentleness away. Along with her head, face, and teeth exposure, Agnieshka moves her body is complete opposition to the way Sergey does. Sergey is man playing the character with evil: the conflict within the story.


         Rumba is a Latin dance where the man leads and the woman follows. As she follows, the woman knows certain signals that indicate what exactly the man wants her to do. In this routine, although Sergey and Agnieshka have the lead-follow action going- along with connection and proper technique- you see Agnieshka run away from Sergey and move in opposition of him. Yes, Sergey does lead Agnieshka to follow a certain way, but what’s interesting about this routine is that in Rumba, there’s a connection that exists between weight changing and moving forwards and backwards- especially evident in Rumba Walks. Here, Sergey will move in one direction, and Agnieshka will almost look forced to move in the same direction to follow. Most Rumba routines are made, that the woman adds grace to the atmosphere; she’s thrilled to follow her man. In this routine, Agnieshka adds resistance and resentment to even be near Sergey.


         Because Sergey is the evil in the story, his movements are much more dramatic and over-emphasized. He will direct Agnieshka to move in one direction, and she’ll follow, but eventually decide to move somewhere else as the routine continues to flow. One movement that strongly emphasizes a downfall is when Agnieshka falls into Sergey arms, and when she’s laying on the ground in despair, he’ll just leave her and stand with his back turned, facing the audience. This is the true meaning of heart-breaking stories.


         Finally, the costumes that both these dancers use are black. Typical Rumba costumes are bright colors, and something much more cheerful, but in this routine, because the mood is depression, black fits the scene perfectly and adds emotion to the story: a somber couple. 


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