Riccardo Cocchi and Yulia Zagoruychenko, ChaCha



Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A_-r5iWVDA8

This dance was performed at competition. If you click on the link above, or simply copy and paste the link into the address bar on the computer, you will see this couple (Cocchi and Zagoruychenko) were very open and concise with their movements toward one another as well as within the dance of ChaCha.  Throughout the dance, I also noticed that the dancers were most likely performing one of the most expanded  cha-cha dances I have seen.  And again, specifically with this dance, attitude was key everywhere from the beginning to the end.

The clear and concise movements between these two dancers continue from beginning to end. For example, the couple will pause for a couple of beats in the dance, and then strike a pose in order to move to a position ready for the next movement. Also, two specific examples are the following: you will see Zagoruychenko move in and out, and then out more with her butt sticking out from Cocchi in the middle of the dance. Each movement that she performs, out and out again, is very defined and clear as to where she goes and when; anticipation from the audience is clear. Another example is also evident. Towards the end of the dance, the couple performed a very interesting movement that I have never seen in Cha-Cha. The woman wrapped around the man, as he performed clear hip movement. Each hip movement was equal to one more wrap around the man, and that is clarity in any dance movement: equality. The couple performed equal and defined movements between one another, but they used their space was an outstanding sight to observe as well.

The space was taken over by this couple, and like no other cha-cha dance I have seen performed in competition. Throughout the routine the couple danced all over the floor, from angle to angle of every spectator and from space to space around the wooden floor: attention getters. Throughout the routine the couple started in at one part of the room and went back to their original spot a countless amount of times. As you watch the video you will see judges on the edges of the dance floor, watching each couple and trying to get the most versatile view possible. As Cocchi and Zagoruychenko move across the floor, one of the judges backs away with his clipboard and readjusts his glasses. This makes the couple fearless and daring, which is important for anyone in competition to have: attitude.

This couple is the definition of attitude. Pointing at each other, and at the audience, they are attention getters and know what the spectators and judges want, as well as how to make competition nerve-wracking. What I personally loved at the end was when the music ended, Cocchi slapped Zagoruychenko’s butt, which shows sass, and represents the interpretation of cha-cha: a playful, informal dance.

In conclusion, I enjoyed this dance for a variety of reasons, and this routine showed me a variety of things about cha-cha: expansion, more clear, concise movements, and of course, more attitude, expansion on both parts of the dancers. I highly recommend you watch it! Enjoy!


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