USA Dance 2010 – Victor Fung & Anastasia Muravyeva


This video is like no other. Although I stated in previous blogs, “This video is like no other; you must watch for, whatever reason,” I felt as if to recognize the uniqueness in each video without in reality showing what was truly special about each video. However, this ten minute clip in my opinion shows the relationships between two people that everyone will encounter in their lives: serious relationships- marriage-, rocky relationships- ex boyfriends or girlfriends or enemies-, and neutral friendships- friends or best friends. This video highlights each one and may be generalized, but I wanted to talk to all you how this video has affected me, after the past couple of hours what exactly happened between me and my best friend, Chris.

Chris is a good friend- a brother practically- that I will always keep in my heart. I developed strong feelings for him, even though I knew our relationship would remain at a friendship level, and I was hurt for a long time. The first routine by Fung and Muravyeva shows my dream that never, and will never, come true: a serious between Chris and I: not quite marriage, but just a serious relationship. The dancers glide across the floor. Everything is perfect: no problems. The dancers flow with the music at every exact beat and the music symbolizes the life both people lead: happy and healthy.

The second dance is much rockier and rougher. Both dancers move at different paces- even though in reality moving at the same pace- but have an attitude in which they want to move in different directions. They have different goals, mind sets, and paths in which both must follow. Evident in Muravyeva, I feel she represents my emotions; I want Chris to move one direction with me in life, but Fung leads his own life- he leads the tango in he competition- and I must comply: follow his lead and accept his choices, as well as the fact our friendship will all it’ll ever be. One thing that truly caught my eye was in the middle of the routine, the music slowed down. I thought of the first dance- a dream- that would never come true. I played my heart, because the music then speeds up and Muravyeva must move faster and struggle more with Fung’s lead. The hopes and dreams only cause more heart ache within her soul.

The final dance represents friendship: all that our relationship will ever be. In every way I am thankful to have Chris in my life because he has shown me paths I never knew were crossed. Chris has also shown me the power to believe and move on. This dance shows how we will support each other through struggles we face on our own paths, directions, and ways to move, yet we always will find each other in the end. His lead I will follow and his steps toward the next move of our routine will depend on where I have last placed my body, so we may both move forward.

These three dances reflect so much as to how much I’ve gone through in the last few hours. I would strongly recommend watching these three routines, and not even think about relationships. At a dancer’s, and spectator’s, perspective, notice the differences between each: the costumes, mood changes, and facial expressions throughout the ten minute video.


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