Slavik Kryklyvvy & Elena Khorova – Rumba, 2007



Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “a genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus.” As we all know Dr. King was a genuine leader that inspired others to fight for civil rights and a harmonious community in the South: a place where Black and White people could coexist in peace. Although there remain some racial tensions around the world, Dr. King’s dream became real; Black people received equal rights compared to White people. Dr. King was a leader, inspiring person, and to many people, a savior. In this Rumba performance I think of the humanity and leadership of the man especially that makes the woman flow and move in a certain way. I also love the costumes that highlight the strength of the female dancer, and finally I love the mood of this dance: such gentleness and yet opens eyes to what truly makes us human. This dance makes me feel every part of my body and how each part- fingers, hands, wrists, etc.- moves in sequence with each other.

The man does a fantastic job in leading Khorova for a variety of reasons. Each movement that Kryklyvvy makes directly affects  Khorova in a way that makes both dancers look unified as one complete person. For example, when Kryklyvvy is behind Khorova and doesn’t physically pick her leg up, but rather slides his hand up her leg from the upper thigh to the tips of her ankles, that signals to the female dancer that she must slide her legs all the way above her head. Another example is the beginning of the routine. Khorova is in one stationary position; she doesn’t move at all, unless Kryklyvvy moves a specific body part a certain way. For example, you will see first how the male dancer moves his hands in a way that makes the female dancer rise her legs to stand completely straight. Second you will see Kryklyvvy simply take Khorova’s arm and stick straight out. Overall, if the male dancer moves in a certain direction, or directly moves any part of his body, the he will also indirectly affect the female dancer in the way she moves hers.

One other thing that I truly love about this piece is the female’s costume. It is evident that one of Kohrova’s strengths is the ability to lift her legs in every direction possible. The dancer is very flexible. Her costume is light blue with the right side completely exposed; her legs, back, and mid section above the bust. This costume truly shows the strength of Khorova’s talent because her legs, right and left, are exposed. Even though the left side is still shielded, many see how both bare legs move throughout the performance.

Finally, I love the overall mood of this routine. It’s very humanitarian and shows the gentleness and romance we possess as humans in general. We are given a life with a beating heart and body parts that all fuction in a certain way that make up our beauty and imperfection at the same time. 


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