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“5, 6, 7, 8.”

Beats ring through ears and bodies glide across the wooden floor; this is a dancing scene. I see ballroom and Latin dancers perform styles using arm, hip, and foot techniques that vary from one to another. Each dance is different and tells a different story. Through this blog my goal is to post new dance videos/routines every week, describing the fluidity and motion presented and, once in a while, talk about how I relate some of the movements as a dancer myself. All dances are interpreted differently, so please keep in mind that although I post something here, it’s not necessarily the “correct” or “absolute” opinion. All forms of art- dance, theatre, music, vocal and instrumental- and so on and so forth, are journeys that take a spectator on a vacation to his or her imagination. Here, you will have a sense of my imagination, and some interesting videos I believe will be enjoyable to view. Links are provided at the bottom of every picture to watch the video if you are interested. Hope you enjoy, and feel free to comment!


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